CIPD Level 7 Courses

CIPD Level 7 Courses

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The Level 7 CIPD qualification will emphasise your strategic thinking and handling of complex people management and business decisions. You will be able to develop the latest specialisms essential for your organisation to thrive in an ever-changing environment. Specialist modules include Strategic Employment Relations and Strategic Reward Management.

When you complete your qualification, you’ll be awarded CIPD Associate Membership, and the designation “Assoc CIPD” after your name. You may also be able to apply for Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow, depending on your experience. This would recognise your ability to work strategically, handle complexity and influence business practices.

Each module in the Advanced Diploma is clearly linked to the CIPD Profession Map, which defines the international standard for the HR profession – so you can be sure what you learn with us will create real impact in your work and career.

Core units:


Unit Title Level Credit

Core Units

7CO01 Work and working lives in a changing business environment 7 15
7CO02 People management and development strategies for performance 7 15
7CO03 Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen 7 15
7co04 Business Research in People Practice 7 15

Plus three Specialist Units

7LD01 Organisational Design and Development 7 15
7LD02 Leadership and management development in context 7 15
7LD03 Designing learning to improve performance 7 15

Plus one additional Specialist Unit to choose from a variety of options

7OS01 Advanced employment law in practice 7 15
7OS03 Technology Enhanced Learning 7 15
7OS04 Advanced diversity and inclusion 7 15
7OS05 Managing people in an international context 7 15

Other CIPD Level 7 Modules


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