Money Back Guarantee

Help CIPD Assignment is held liable for delivering the service on schedule and per the Customer’s specified criteria in the order. If our service fails to meet its obligations to you, you have the right to request repayment under our policy. Because our service provides legitimate academic aid, we want to make sure that you are pleased! Our customer satisfaction is quite good. More than 95% of our customers come back with further orders.

However, things can go wrong from time to time, and in these instances, you may always resort to our return policy.  All refund claims will be handled quickly and per the terms and circumstances. Some of the Scenarios that may constitute a full refund include:

Missed Deadline

This is exceedingly unusual; in the event it occurs, you will receive a complete refund. You can’t get a refund if we didn’t provide your sample by the original deadline because you introduced additional instructions. You will also not receive a refund if you do not supply your Writer with any materials they may have asked for. We recommend that you send the necessary materials as soon as possible after receiving a communication from your Writer.

Furthermore, when we have asked, and you have agreed to give us extra time to fulfil your purchase, we may not be able to provide a refund. Because this is a research-based project, certain delays may occur owing to the intricacy of the problem, a communication breakdown between the Customer and our experts, or a modification in requirements. Although we do our best to deliver the service by your desired date, we do ask that you allow some buffer time when ordering on our site.

NOTE that We will assign your work to the most qualified expert; nevertheless, it is possible that the most qualified instructor will not be identified or that he/she will be preoccupied with another project. If this happens, we will refund your money, or you may give us another assignment worth the same amount of money.

When You Have a Change of Mind for Any Reason

You have the option of cancelling your order at any moment. You are not required to inform us of your choice, but you may do so if you like. But there’s one thing to keep in mind. If a writer is currently working on your order, you will not be able to cancel it. This is because we have to pay our authors as long as we have an order allocated to them.

Therefore, if you wish us to return your money, make your request as soon as possible. Before posting their instructions to our site, we urge all of our clients to review them carefully. Note that you choose to cancel the purchase where the Writer had been confirmed; the refund amount ranges from 100% to 75%. This is to compensate for the company’s and Writer’s efforts to provide you with both the services you ordered.

Duplicate Order/Transaction

You may make a mistake when making your purchase. We’ve seen this happen, even though it’s not a common blunder. Please notify us as soon as possible if you have paid twice for the same purchase. We’ll gladly reverse the extra payment so you may spend your money as you choose.

If you place a duplicate order, you must contact us as quickly as possible to rescind an order placed by accident in duplicate. If the order is established to be a duplicate placed accidentally, a full refund will be given. Otherwise, we’ll move on with the orders and allocate them to our writers. You will not be able to receive a refund once your order has been assigned. Refunds are usually processed within five working days.

When You are Not Satisfied with the Sample provided Even after 3 Revisions

If you are dissatisfied with the quality or specifications of the work and wishes to receive a refund, the firm is obligated to address the concerns and correct the problems. If you are still unhappy, Help CIPD Assignment will launch an investigation. Based on the findings of the inquiry, the refund claim will be granted or refused.

Please keep in mind that we only issue refunds once we’ve changed your sample three times. Also, the very first revision, which is usually done on the first draft, is not included. Always remember that we want our clients to be pleased.

As a result, we will always do our utmost to serve customers fairly and ensure they are delighted. In the case of Plagiarised Content, a Turnitin report is required if it is claimed that the paper on which the Writer assisted you is plagiarized. Aside from this report, no additional reports will be accepted, and no refunds will be given.

Fail Grade received on Assignment Work

If you obtain a Fail Grade, you have the right to submit a refund request within 60 days of receiving your purchased solution, along with a copy of an authentic grade sheet and your professor’s feedback. We shall conduct a 50 per cent – 100 per cent refund of your order through an equivalent transfer of the amount paid to Help CIPD Assignment if any flaws on our site are discovered. In this case, the customer support team’s decision will be final. Please note that we will not honour any refund claims made after 60 days after obtaining your assignment reference solution.

Money-Back Guarantee

It’s a type of insurance that guards you against incompetence and other similar dangers. So here’s our promise to you: if your request is legitimate, we’ll complete your refund within seven business days. Our refund policy is meant to provide you peace of mind and increase your trust in our offerings. This policy dispels your concerns and your uncertainties.

Refund requests will not be handled in the following scenarios.

  • Refund Requests made Via Unofficial Means: Refund Requests are only considered when submitted in writing using the Help CIPD Assignment Student Portal Login. Any communications made via social networking sites, email, or any other method will not be considered formal.
  • Orders for editing, proofreading, and formatting: Please keep in mind that the content you submit for the above-mentioned services is original and may contain contextual mistakes.
  • Refund claims After 60 Days: We will only consider refund claims if submitted within 60 days of receipt of your solution.

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