7SBL Developing Skills for Business Leadership

7SBL Developing Skills for Business Leadership

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7SBL Developing Skills for Business Leadership is a CIPD Level 7 unit, and for you to achieve CIPD Advanced level qualifications, you have to complete this unit as well as others that join to make CIPD. As such, learners have to develop their understanding of the eternal context and organization within which Human Resource operates.

What is the Purpose and Aim of 7SBL?

The 7SBL unit aims to encourage students to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and their strengths and weaknesses as HR, Colleagues, and Managers.

The main aim of this unit is to develop the skills and specifically seek to develop and increase the range of definable skills. These skills are important to successful management practise and effective leadership. Among the leadership skills include decision-making, managing budget, team working, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and others linked with the development of credibility and personal effectiveness at work.

This unit also pursues more specialized skills that bring specific benefits to effective higher-level people management while providing opportunities for applied learning and continuous professional enhancement.

Lastly, this module intends to help students make the most of their formal programs f study. It incorporates postgraduates study skills while requiring critical reflection on theory and practice from a professional and an ethical point of view.

Who is suited for this module?

The developing Skills for Business Leadership module is suitable for any person who pursued their career and profession in HRM. You are legible if you:

  1. Are responsible for Human Resource decision making within an organization at an operational, strategic or tactical level
  2. Are an HR professional in a Human Resource team or Human Resource functional management role and want to improve your profession
  3. Have responsibilities for the Human Resource and activities within an organization with little or without a specialist function
  4. Are an employed or an independent consultant who supports an organization without a specialist function.
  5. Have a Human Resource career and CIPD professional membership aspirations

What are the Learning Outcomes?

On completion of this unit, the student should be able to:

  1. Manage themselves more effectively at their Human Resource task in any professional context related to HRM
  2. Effectively manage interpersonal relationships at their workplace
  3. Make sound, decisive, as well as justifiable decisions and solve conflicts more effectively in the workplace
  4. Influence and lead others in the place of work more effectively.
  5. Process and interpret financial information while managing financial resources correctly.
  6. Show enhanced IT knowledge in Human Resources.
  7. Demonstrate an important worker management skill-set
  8. Demonstrate their know-how in postgraduate study skills

What is the Assessment Criteria for this Module?

Students are assessed in this unit by a range of assessment methods to ensure all the learning outcomes are met. By doing this, the learning experience will be achieved. Additionally, the assessment will enable the students to show their clear understanding of concepts and relate theory to practicals while communicating clearly in the Human Resource field at the appropriate level.

In order to achieve CIPD Advanced level qualification, all the learning outcomes should be assessed by summative assessment. As such, for a student to complete this module successfully, an assessment must be done.

That is why completing a portfolio containing evidence of skills acquisition and improvement to include observed skill activity. Additionally, you can as well complete a CIPD Assessment Bank activity instead.

Upon completing this unit and the others that join to make up CIPD Advanced level, you will automatically become a professional member of the CIPD club and Associate. If you pursue CIPD Advanced level Diploma, you will pave the way to upgrade from Associate to Chartered Member.

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