• 7CO02 People management and development strategies for performance

7CO02 People management and development strategies for performance

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Unit description:

The purpose of this unit is to emphasize the importance of evidence-based, outcomes-driven, and principles-led practice in developing the people profession. There are in-depth discussions about how people professionals deliver value to organisations and their employees, and how achieving business objectives increases performance and enhances employee satisfaction. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of delivering policies and practices coherently, in a way that is integrated and consistent with the objectives of the organization.

During this course, you will learn:

During this course, you will learn about the advantages and benefits of aligning people practices with organizational goals as well as how organizations integrate people practices with culture, brand, and values, including the evaluation of data sources for shaping people practices. Through evaluations in the fields of resourcing and performance management, you will gain an understanding of contemporary people practices. As well as learning and development, you will also study organisational design and development. The role and influence of people professionals will be a key learning objective for this unit, and you will discuss the merits of different and varied ways in which people are organized in organizations. In the end, you will critically evaluate the practical and ethical implications of data analytics and technological developments.

It is suitable for people who are:

  • Professionals who have experience with people
  • Working in a people practice capacity and seeking to expand their skills and hone their understanding of shaping strategy, policy, and people
  • Want to influence how people practice, creating value for a broader audience
  • Leading and managing people and practices within organisations is what you do right now.

Objectives of learning

As a result of completing this unit, learners will be able to:

  • Align the people practices of an organization with the strategic and cultural goals.
  • Develop an understanding of how people practices improve employee and organizational performance.
  • Be familiar with current practice in the major areas of people management and development.
  • Identify the role and influence of people professionals in different organizational settings.

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