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7LMP Leading, Managing, and Developing People

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7LMP Leading, Managing, and Developing People is a CIPD level 7 unit that aims to equip students with a rigorous framework of skills, knowledge, and understanding about the management and development of employees. This unit comes with diverse learning objectives that must be met for the successful completion of the module.

What is the Purpose and Aim of this Module?

The sole purpose and aim of this unit are to familiarise students with contemporary research evidence on employment. It also aims to equip learners with the best approaches to human resource and learning and development practices.

This research solely focuses on the link between employee management practices and successful organisational outcomes. The study also outlines the recent changes and development in Human Resource practice.

Additionally, this unit introduces students to the primary debates about theory and practice in leadership, flexibility and change of management. The aim of this debate is for students to become effective and efficient managers and Human Resource specialists. It also allows learners to manage others effectively and justly while increasing their engagement, commitment, performance and motivation.

This unit will also introduce students to the primary goals of Human Resource and L&d while learning how these goals are attained in practice in various types of the company set up. Lastly, it enables students to critically reflect on practise and theory from an ethical and professional standpoint while providing opportunities for applied continuous professional and career development.

Who is Suitable for this Module?

The fact is that not everyone is suitable for 7LMP Leading, Managing, and Developing People. However, the following are legible to take this unit. Those who:

  • Are responsible for HR decision making within a company or organisation at their operational, tactical, or a more strategic level.
  • Our Human Resource professionals are in a team or Human Resource functional management role and are looking to enhance and develop their careers.
  • Have responsibilities for the Human Resource and activities within an organisation or company without a specialist function.
  • They are employed as consultants and support organisations in achieving their goals.
  • Have Human Resource or CIPD professional membership aspirations

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Module?

Students taking this unit should be able to:

  • Assess and critically evaluate the basic modern research and debates in the areas of HR management as well as HR development.
  • Evaluate the main theories about motivation, commitment and engagement at work and how they are put into practice by organisations and companies.
  • Critically assess the characteristics of effective leadership and techniques used to develop leaders in a company.
  • Contribute to the promotion of flexible working and effective change of management in a company
  • To discuss the purpose, objective and aim of the Human Resource Management and HRD function in organisations and how they are met in practice.
  • Analyse the contribution made by Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development specialists in the various type of departments and organisations.
  • Enhance professionalism and an ethical approach to Human Resource Management and HRD practice in organisations.

What is the Assessment Criteria?

Students are assessed through different methods to make sure that all the learning outcomes are achieved to increase their learning experience. In addition, this assessment enables the candidates to illustrate a clear grasp of the knowledge concepts and the ability to link theory and practice.

Additionally, it allows the students to demonstrate whether they can communicate in the Human Resource field at the appropriate level. For this unit, formative and preparative assessment is used for unseen assessments. Learners must sit for 3 hours time-limited under controlled conditions. The evaluation for learning outcomes must be through a summative assessment.

Thus, if you are in Human Resources and want to enhance your professional skill at a strategic level or aspire to become a Chartered Member of the CIPD, then taking this unit is compulsory. Once you complete this unit, you will enhance your ability to implement and develop different Human Resource solutions and be in a position to stirring the organisation’s performance to a new level.

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