3DEL Delivering Learning and Development Activities

3DEL Delivering Learning and Development Activities

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The purpose of Learning and Development is to improve the employee’s competencies, skills, and knowledge. Considering this, as a person expected to practice in this field, you need to acquire skills that will enable you to conduct learning sessions.

In addition to showing your understanding of L & D concepts, you will also need to demonstrate your ability and proficiency on a practical level to succeed in 3DEL. In this article, you will learn how to complete the two activities in this module.


The first part of the assignment includes delivering an L&D session of at least 30 minutes to a group of learners. With this exercise, you should illustrate an understanding of how a learning and development session should go. In this case, you must showcase multiple skills in learning and development when delivering your presentation.

The tutor is interested in the physical learning environment, communication techniques, choice and use of learning resources, and monitoring learning and individual engagement. It would help if you also considered how you close your learning and development session.

Physical Learning Environment

The physical environment is considered a combination of venue, materials, and the space in which you will hold the training. Training should take place in an environment that is conducive to your group. The room should be large enough for students to take notes and have enough chairs and tables. Lighting in the room should be easily controlled, adequate, and able to be dimmed.

A formal structure should be evident in the room configurations. Meetings and video presentations are best held in a formal training room or auditorium. It is recommended to have a more relaxed teaching style with clear facilitation of communication between the instructors and participants. Trainers and learners are more likely to interact in a round U-shaped system or an arc system.

Additionally, the delivery room should be equipped with equipment that allows easier delivery of the L & D session. Mainly, you should demonstrate the availability of certain basic visual aids. At the very least, you need a whiteboard or a screen with projection. Occasionally, people post high-quality videos featuring cameras, microphones, projectors, speakers, and laser pointers.

 Communication and Training Techniques

You will need good skills to prove that you are communicating correctly. Here, you must speak, are audible, and engagingly express your thoughts. In addition, trainers should practice what they are delivering and demonstrate mastery of the subject. Knowledge of the topics that you are covering, in this case, is the key to proper communication. Thus, you will have a better chance of interacting effectively with your participants and answering their questions accurately, precisely, and satisfactorily.

Additionally, you need to interact with your audience well as the trainer. Indeed, a good personality style will create enthusiasm and make it easier to achieve your training goals. Additionally, the training should not be monologues, but rather dialogues between yourself and the trainees.

This is where you’ll need your communication equipment and visual aids. By using charts and infographics, certain aspects can be effectively communicated. Therefore, you need to have a clear presentation or even use a whiteboard for a clear demonstration.

Appropriate Training Techniques

A variety of training techniques can be selected depending on the topic of your training. Thus, your instructor will pay attention to the congruence between the training technique and what you are learning. The following training options are available to you:

  • Training programs that take place in a classroom
  • Interactive training
  • Training on the job
  • Training conducted online.

The Experiential Training Approach

The training technique can be selected based on several factors, such as the demographics of the trainees, their level of seniority, and the nature of the job. Active training offers empowerment and motivation to learners because it involves interaction with them.

In the case of learning that requires demonstration, an experiential training approach can expose learners to skills and processes needed in the workplace. However, it is most appropriate when the issues under perspective require practice to learn.

Monitoring individual Learner engagement and Closing Session

In order to improve learners’ competency, engagement is essential since it determines how fast they will comprehend the concepts. You can determine how well learners are engaged by observing how quickly they respond to your questions or how quickly they begin to elicit questions.

You can determine how soon the students will complete the training objectives. In an interactive training session, your progress will depend on how well your participants understand the issues before you can advance to the next stage. Involvement in learning may be reflected by rapid completion. You may also give a test based on the trainees’ demographics, seniority, and the nature of the training. As a result of the test, we can determine the level of engagement of the learners.

It is essential to close the training session in style instead of abruptly when it is over. Next, you can answer a few questions and explain how these skills can be helpful at training sessions.  Alternatively, you can ask one of your trainees to provide feedback and conclude the session with thanks.

Wrap Up

It’s essential to give a reflection about the entire process in your second activity, right? Therefore, you must explain how you are capable and ready to take on this activity based on the issues raised in this article.

At this point, you will need to justify your choice of training technique, readiness, and physical environment. But, more importantly, a reflection must show how well you deliver learning and development.

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