5DVP Developing Professional Practice

5DVP Developing Professional Practice

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The cipd 5dvp unit provides learners with information on how to use skills, knowledge and behaviour in the line of profession. The unit is fundamental to the Human Resource professionals who work towards ensuring that they use their professions to carry out different roles within organisations.

Learners pursuing this unit relate with the evaluation of the CIPD Human Resource Map. This map analyses the knowledge required by Human Resource experts and professionals in doing different Human Resource functions.

The learners also identify skills needed, and the professionals get the opportunity to bridge with the improvement of the needed skills as they grow and develop in their careers. The map also guides the behaviours that direct how professionals carry out their tasks and objectives.

Additionally, this unit provides students with an opportunity to create a continuous personal development plan, which is essential in testing their strengths concerning their acquired knowledge as they grow and develop their careers.

Additionally, this module helps professionals succeed in their careers and their interpersonal skills as well. We, therefore, recommend this module to learners as they pursue their career goals and objective. Among the things learners will learn in this unit are:

Contribution of an HR professional in organisations

Human Resources are entrusted with executive and administrative tasks to ensure that they deliver the best practices to the organisation. Among this role of Human Resource is being a professional thinker, i.e. they have to relate with the right behaviours, skills, and the knowledge required to enhance functioning in the organisation.

Learners taking this unit must ensure that they identify with the management functions to enhance the excellent functioning of the organisation they work for. Experts have to guarantee that they have the required skills to carry out different functions in the organisation. When they carry out the identified task, they advance in experience and, in the process, get to develop their careers.

In line with this, it’s essential for learners pursuing the unit to understand what they are required to do to ensure improvement towards growing their careers.


Problem-solving techniques

Human Resource professionals experience different kinds of challenges in their line of work. This module provides knowledge on how the expert should address the challenges and deal with issues affecting them.

Some of the techniques known to be the source of problem-solving by the experts are testing the reliability and validity of the information, using decision-making tools, and carrying out situational analysis.

Experts should relate to these techniques to guarantee that they solve problems and fix challenges experienced within the organisations and line with their career growth. Additionally, it’s essential to relate to conflict, known to be disagreements within the workplace.

Learners should understand that they will be facing some types of conflict while moving up to attain their career objectives. Therefore, we recommend them to ensure that they deal with conflicts in the best way possible; they should understand methods of solving conflicts; this includes compromising, accommodating, collaboration, and avoiding.

Though this should be considered differently as per the situation, as learners grow and improve in their careers or professions, they have to know the issues they will face. Kindly note that this is well covered in this unit for students to understand what they are needed to do and the choices they are expected to take.

Group dynamics

This module offers information on the different aspects of group dynamics and their effect on professional development. You should know that organisations operate with different departments and teams; hence as experts develop their careers, they interact with different people who may affect their decisions and human resources. Therefore, understanding group dynamics is essential for the learners as it will help them learn how to work in groups.

In this unit, diverse models have been developed to help illustrate the group processes and how they affect the Human Resource. Studying this aspect means that the learners will know how to bridge their career progression to the impact that workers bring on them and their participation in enhancing career improvement.

Influencing, persuading, and negotiating with others

Professional development is among the many modules that allow the Human Resource experts to engage in impacting others. Therefore, human Resource experts should have a positive influence to cause a positive outcome. By the end of this unit, professionals should have acquired persuasion skills to guarantee that they can persuade others while at the same time be able to agree with them.

These are essential issues required in creating a successful professional improvement path. This means that the learners taking this unit should be ready to acquire the right skills required to create positive results from the experience that the experts have with other experts and the organisation.

This skill allows professionals to gain new positive behaviours and thus help the experts go through a learning process essential in career growth.

Learning outcomes

By the completion of this module, students should:

  • Be able to understand the participation of the Human Resource experts in the organisation
  • Be able to learn the techniques used by the management in the context of HR
  • Be able to identify and use problem-solving methods in the context of HR
  • Identify the elements of group dynamics
  • Identify examples of conflict solving techniques
  • Learn how to persuade and negotiate with different people for the development of solutions for positive outcomes
  • Be able to come up with a self-development growth plan

Wrap Up

This module help learner who are willing to progress in their role by using the skills and knowledge required in their profession. Those who take this unit gain unique kinds of behaviours that they use as the guide to aid in the progress of their careers.

The learners taking this unit can assess their career development in case they have a growth plan. By having a growth plan, they can note the new concepts they have acquired and their impact on the organisation’s growth. Therefore, we recommend this unit to Human Resource professionals to succeed in their Human Resource careers.

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